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We’ve installed a twitter feed to capture the live Twitter action from our ongoing Spring Fling Conference in San Diego, March 21st-22nd. Use #health2con and let us know what you think!

@health2con: This is the main Health 2.0 twitter account. We use this account throughout the year to keep our community informed and to make announcements during our conferences.

#health2con or #health2dev: These are the official Health 2.0 hashtags for our Conferences and Developer Challenges. During each respective event, these hashtags are used by developers and participants to coordinate, make jokes and provide feedback. We also encourage our community members that can’t be on-site with us to use these hashtags to ask questions and stay involved.

Highlights: You think your funny? You think you’re profound? …You fancy huh?! We always try to re-Tweet the best comments we see from the @health2con account. Keep in mind that you don’t have to be on-site to catch our attention or make a great observation. Just use #health2con, be nice, keep it short enough for us to RT and brace for more followers.

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