Spring Break for Techies: A Review of the Health 2.0 Spring Fling

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I recently attended the Health 2.0 ‘Spring Fling’ Conference in San Diego on March 22nd and immersed myself in the vibe of this energetic, eclectic group of leaders, developers, and entrepreneurs focused on innovating and leveraging the next generation of online and mobile technologies for the health of individuals and populations.

I know it sounds like a commercial, both cheesy and idealistic (which is also how my friends might describe me), but that last bit in particular is important. More than once I heard the phrase ‘Public Health 2.0′ being used to describe the proceedings. The folks at Health 2.0, be they from academia, non-profit, the commercial sector, or government, are looking beyond the socio-technological innovation of new technologies and platforms to explore how these tools and trends might be used in public health to prevent disease, improve quality of life, and promote community health. As an earnest public health informatician, I give kudos to Indu, Matt, and the Health 2.0 team for encouraging discourse beyond the realm of clinical informatics to the broader determinants of public health!

At the conference, I had the pleasure of participating in The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Showcase to announce the first round of winners in 2011. All of the apps…

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Abdul R. Shaikh, PhD, MHSc is a Program Director, Health Communication & Informatics Research Branch at the National Cancer Institute.

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