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The Health 2.0 Blog is designed to be a blog for the whole Health 2.0 community to discuss anything of importance to the group. Since we’ve been encouraging people to connect online at Facebook, we’ve been noticing that there isn’t really a place to go to have substantive discussion.  We love the Health2.0 wiki set up by Johannes Ernst (and with many contributions from Scott Shreeve), but a wiki isn’t a place for a conversation.

We hope that this blog will be.

So we invite anyone interested in the community to contribute.  To do that you need to become a guest author, and then figure out how to use Typepad. Using Typepad is pretty easy as it’s got a WISYWIG interface. To become a guest author, email [email protected]. Guest authors must put their full name in the title of the post, so that it’s clear who’s saying what. If you are saying something as part of a broader affiliation (company, organization) please include that name too. Due to the nature of the blog and the Typepad software, we will manage the publication schedule of author posts (which will include gentle promptings if you’re posts are too far off base).

Of course anyone can comment on any post without being a guest author—we’re not going to moderate comments, but of course we’d ask for your good behavior and full names (unless you have a particularly good reason for staying anonymous).

Of course there are a few little rules for authors and commenters.

First, please be nice. We know some blogs (including THCB) may on occasion go over the top, but as this is to be a group blog featuring innovation in Health 2.0, we want the character of the group to be innovative and welcoming to contributors, commenters and readers alike.

Second, keep it pithy and interesting. Anything over 3–400 words should go “below the fold” but don’t feel you have to write much more. And of course please keep it on topics relevant to Health 2.0 (Yes, we know that gives you lots of scope).

Third, no crass self-promotion. Everyone is fascinated to find out what technology vendors and users are doing and we really encourage everyone with an interest in the community to contribute. But this is not a forum to sell. If you want to do that, we are (as on most blogs) going to be taking ads and sponsorship. If you’re confused as to whether a piece you’ve written is too close to the line, email [email protected]. But this isn’t the place for press releases. You’ll figure it out.

Fourth, as on most group blogs, you can publish at any time. However, the editors and blogmeister reserve the right to move stuff around to make it fit better, or to delay publication of certain pieces if there are too many on a particular day.

Fifth, be proud and clear in your authorship. Names in italics in the title please (convention is Title, by Author). And also name at the bottom in bold italics linked to your blog, or other information about you.

Sixth, cross-posting is welcome to your own and other blogs, but of course please link back!

Seventh, we reserve the right to take away authorship rights for persistent infringement of the rules—but we’re sure we’ll never have to, and we’ll gently nudge people first if they’re not quite in the spirit of things. (For example in all the years at THCB Matthew has only ever had to ban one commenter).

So please feel free to have your say!

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  1. Tom G. says:

    Hello Health 2.0
    Does anyone know of a "free computer-based one-stop Medical Advisor that would check more than just symptoms"? I couldn't find anything like this on my own, so I started a “Do It Yourself Doctoring – Wish List” on my blog at…
    At my age, I can't and don't want to wait for healthcare reform. I sure would like to have better tools and knowledge to doctor myself for the most part, and only going to a professional, as needed. Am I way off base on this desire? Please advise. It seems like you Health 2.0 folks are the closest thing I've found to what I'm looking for.

  2. In the spirit of Health 2.0 and User Generated health Care we are proud to announce:
    “The Chronic Pain Educational Educational Workshop"
    July 19th, 2009 - 12:00P.M - 7:00P.M - Reception 7:00P.M - 8:00P.M
    4th Street Studio
    1717D 4th Street
    Berkeley, CA 94710
    Phone: 415-738-8784
    [email protected]
    Chronic pain is the 21st century’s invisible handicap, a humanitarian crisis of epidemic proportions.
    Chronic pain holds back individuals, families often whole communities from their full potential.
    We believe effective chronic pain prevention and treatment is possible; it comes through education and our goal is just to do that: to raise awareness and educate on the issues related to chronic pain. That way individuals and their families can make educated decisions on how to manage their chronic pain, reclaim their lives and be able to participate and contribute to their families and communities not longer being devastated by daily burden of chronic pain.
    The event is designed to educate and fundraise on issues related to chronic pain and to benefit "The Chronic Pain Educational Documentary Series."
    During the event there will be informational booths with educational material available to attendees, informational sessions and a silent action. Food and beverages will be available.
    Massage therapists will be available during the event for free chair massages.
    Companies and individuals are welcome to sponsor and/or attend the event.
    For more information or press releases please inquire via e-mai; at [email protected]
    • Jerry N Rand, M.D.
    Bay Recovery Centers
    Chemical Dependency and Chronic Pain
    •Sung Kim
    Chinese Medicine and Chronic Pain
    Sequoyah Acupuncture
    Chinese Medicine and Chronic Pain
    •Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D.
    Author of best selling book "From Fatigued to Fantastic! "
    Reflecting all the latest research and treatments for CFIDS/FMS!
    •Mardy Ross, OTR
    Founder and Executive Director, Lumigrate
    Proactivity vs. Passivity in Patients: Occupational Therapy Paradigms
    •Joseph Carter
    Director, The Acupressure Institute
    L. Ac. (Licensed Acupuncturist, California & Hawaii)
    Points for Pain Relief
    •Tiffany C. Millerbis, CMT
    The Acupressure Institute
    Relaxation Meditation
    •Frank Lucido, M.D
    Medical Cannabis and Chronic Pain
    •Christopher Zdenek III
    Ergonomics Specialist -Soma Ergonomics, Inc.
    Posture, ergonomics and their role in pain management
    Correct Anatomical Posture and Support: Ergonomics and its Role in Creation and Prevention of Chronic Pain
    Event or speaker schedule or appearances might change or cancelled without prior notice.
    Ticket sales are final and no refunds will be issued
    7:00P.M. - 8:00P.M. Wine, hor d'oeuvres and Free Chair Massages Social:
    Participants can meet the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors and each other exchange information and network.

  3. Lin Sheih says:

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    Washington specializing in alternative medicine treatments for lower back pain, acupuncture facial rejuvination, arthritis, fertility, menopause, migraine headache and weight problems.

  4. Ed Dodds says:

    You should really cover the area of Results-Only Work Environments in Healthcare at the conference in 2009.

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