Health2.0 Spring Fling
“Connecting Consumers & Providers”

Last UPDATE: 12.17.07

March 3-4, 2008 | The Westin San Diego, CA

Monday, March 3rd

Health 2.0 Accelerator :: 12 to 3pm
Unconference :: 2 to 5pm
Party :: 6:30 to 10pm

Tuesday, March 4th

Welcome & introduction

  • Matthew Holt/Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0
  • Doug Solomon, IDEO on The optimal user-experience
  • Susannah Fox, Pew Internet & American Life Project on The Healthcare Internet User

PANEL: The User Experience with Health 2.0: The Consumer Perspective

At the Fall event, we heard from vendors providing social communities and media for patients. But what about patients who are using those tools and communities—and the ones who aren’t? What are their experiences? How do they fit Health2.0 into their lives? And for those who are new to Health2.0. What works? What helps? And what doesn’t? Come meet patients and consumers up close, and see them interact with the tools provided by leading Health 2.0 companies.

The panel will open with a video segment featuring patient experiences using Health 2.0 communities and tools within the context of their lives.

Featuring demonstrations and conversations with: The Heron Sanctuary (on Second Life); Health Central; Wego Health; Sprigley; Pharmasurveyor; ReliefInSite & more…

Reactors and commentary from:

  • Matthew Zachary, I’m Too Young For This
  • Eric Langshur, Carepages
  • David Sobel, Kaiser Permanente
  • Susannah Fox, Pew Internet & American Life Project
  • Moderating: Amy Tenderich, DiabetesMine

PANEL: Consumers and Providers Connect

Some of the physicians and medical groups who are using Web 2.0 to connect with their patients will show us how they’re doing it. We’ll see case studies showing patients’ and physicians’ experiences as they use technology to transform their practice. And we’ll ask the tough questions. Does this change the patient experience? And if so, is it an improvement?

The panel will open with a video segment featuring patient experiences using Health 2.0 communities and tools within the context of their lives.

Demos and feedback throughout the process of care, including:

  • Searching for doctors, choosing them and making appointments
  • Health 2.0 tools in the physician’s office
  • Communicating with the physician
  • Online treatment
  • Information and ongoing support from physicians

Featuring demonstrations and conversations with: Xoova, Healthgrades, Phreesia; Emmi Solutions; Medencentive

Reaction and Commentary from:

  • Jordan Schlain MD, SF Oncall
  • Jay Parkinson MD
  • Enoch Choi, PAMF/MedHelp
  • Molly Coye, HealthTech*
  • Gio Colella, McKesson*
  • Esther Dyson, EDventure
  • Moderating: David Kibbe, AAFP & Indu Subaiya, Health 2.0

LUNCH EXPERIENCE: Designing Health 2.0

Exercise led by IDEO

At lunch on March 4 we are going to do something very special. In conjunction with IDEO, the famous design firm, we are going to conduct a “Designing Health 2.0″ lunch. Attendees will work in groups to create a Health 2.0 solution to specific healthcare-related topics. This should really get the creative wheels turning, and we think will answer the strong call from the last conference for more about user-centered design.

PANEL: Connecting with health care organizations 2.0

It’s not just patients and physicians interacting in the health care system. Employers, benefit managers, and health plans are exploring various means of connecting with members online. We’ll be looking at real examples of HR professionals, health plan members and ordinary consumers using new tools and technologies to change their experiences. We’ll be hearing about uses of the web and automated mobile and voice solutions to keep consumers healthy and engaged.

Featuring demonstrations and conversations with: Silverlink; Benefit Focus; Virgin Health Miles*; Eliza; VisionTree; BeWell Mobile

Reaction and Commentary from:

  • Joe Gifford, Regence
  • Amanda Schwartz, PRN
  • Moderating: Matthew Holt

REACTOR PANEL: Health 2.0: The future user experience?

  • Thomas Goetz, Wired
  • Esther Dyson, EDventure
  • David Kibbe, AAFP
  • Doug Solomon, IDEO
  • Molly Coye, HealthTech*
  • Moderating: Jane Sarasohn-Kahn

CLOSING PANEL: Summary, Wrap, Fall Preview & Cocktails

*- invited. This agenda is subject to change.

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