More Health 2.0 developments: Parkinson & Brailer

We’re not quite, quite ready to announce the line up in San Diego, but we can forecast that you will see the newly famous Health 2.0 doc Jay Parkinson explain that “As a rule, the majority are wrong“. Jay will be showing some interesting new sides to his career at the meeting.

Of course one of the better 5 minutes at the Health 2.0 Conference last September was David Brailer’s combined enthusiasm and skepticism about Health 2.0. Modern Healthcare’s two parter on Health 2.0 (first part is here) features David as well as PatientsLikeMe and AthenaHealth, with more from me and Scott Shreeve.

Brailer’s concerned about both the age gap/digital divide and the privacy issues. Of course those are potential obstacles to Health 2.0, but there are lots of solutions to the age gap (hint: it’s called a phone) and very smart people are working on that privacy issue right now.

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