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38 sites…. by Matthew Holt

No, not 37 Signals (the SaaS firm that we’re using to track our lives these days). Instead it’s another Health 2.0 list. This one is from EVERYTHING 2.0 and is called HEALTH 2.0: 38 sites that can help you to stay healthy, or to improve your health, or to lighten your sickness.

I’m not sure if is really a Health 2.0 site, but it’s on their list and if it drives their traffic, well it might work for us too!

Matthew Holt

4 Responses to 38 sites…. by Matthew Holt

  1. Marc Monseau says:

    Fantastic link, Matt. Have seen quite a few of these before, but it was good to see them all in one place…

  2. Jim Tate says:

    I'm taking a stab at building an updated list of Health 2.0 links at Feel free to email corrections, additions, deletions and modifications to the email address on the site.
    Thanks for your time,
    Jim Tate

  3. Andy says:

    Good links here - I suggest adding - telerehabilitation for stroke. They are an online rehab clinic for stroke, SCI and other brain injuries.

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