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iMedix & 23andme make The Crunchies 2007 by Matthew Holt

I’m not exactly a fan of contests. I’m more of the Stephen Colbert “let the market decide” opinion. My start-up i-Beacon won one of these once, and was still dead 18 months later. The only time The Health Care Blog got near one of those awards was when someone nominated it as the worst health care blog!

Still having said that, The Crunchies are not bad way to see a lot of Web2.0 sites in a hurry.

Only two Health 2.0 sites made it to nominations. First, iMedix in the best new start-up 2007 category. (Reading the fine print I note that at least one of their competitors was started in 2006). iMedix had a nice write up on TechCrunch a while back. The other is 23andme which is one of the new genome mapping sites. 23andme somehow ended up in the consumer-facing category despite not having a consumer “store” until a month or so ago! (Perhaps they should be in the start-up category!)

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