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HealthCentral Network pulls in $50M by Matthew Holt

Having been told that there was no money for Health 2.0 companies unless there was a really clear business model, I was a little surprised to find that there are true believers in the investor community. On Friday HealthCentral Network got $50M in funding and looks like its going to be IAC’s (the owner of Ask, Match, Travelocity and many more) bet in health online.

David Hamilton at VentureWire is pretty down on HealthCentral’s chances. He says it just republishes other content. But I think its a pretty clever play—he misses its combination of community activists and experts. My understanding is that they’re on the way to 7 million visits a month—that’s not exactly WebMD territory, but it does give them a shot of being in a decent position when the smoke clears.

Of course the best way is to make up your own mind by seeing HealthCentral’s Bill Allman at the next Health 2.0 conference in San Diego

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