Health 2.0 San Francisco

October 22 - 23 | The Marriott, San

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Building on the excitement generated by the first two Health 2.0
conferences, Health 2.0 User-Generated
Healthcare promises to take the conversation to a new level across an
even more dynamic and panoramic landscape. Come see how at Health 2.0
User-Generated Healthcare
on October 22-23rd 2008
in San Francisco.

Confirmed speakers include leaders from Google,
Microsoft, Yahoo!, WebMD,
AthenaHealth, A.D.A.M, Healthgrades,
Healthline, Sermo, Daily
, Patients
Like Me
, DestinationRx, HealthCentral,
Organized Wisdom, 23andMe, and
more. You’ll meet insiders in the field and learn how these new
technologies are transforming - and in some cases not yet transforming
- the way the healthcare industry does business.

You’ll see action-packed demos of new services and tools on the horizon
and have a chance to network with more than a thousand other healthcare
and tech industry professionals at the Marriott San Francisco.


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rates and the conference agenda, click here.

Conference highlights include…

The Future of Health 2.0

Indu Subaiya, MD/Matthew Holt

Three Health 2.0 CEOs

3 CEOs from businesses
and being transformed by, Health 2.0, talk about the future.
Conversations with AthenaHealth’s Jonathan Bush,
Kerry Hicks of HealthGrades and Sermo’s
Daniel Palestrant.

The Consumer Aggregators — One Year On

Jane Sarasohn-Kahn reviews a
major year
of product introductions and controversy. Conversations with, and
demonstrations from, some of the big consumer aggregators including Google,
Microsoft & WebMD. Look
special guests and some interesting partnerships.

Keynote: “Health” Comes Everybody

New media pioneer(ing) pundit
Shirky gives a new health-related talk.

The Business Case for Health 2.0

How will today’s obvious social value and
enthusiasm be turned into revenue for sustainable businesses? Scott
Shreeve will head a panel talking to payers, employers, pharma, and
government. He’ll ask who will be writing the checks, and for what?

Search in the Long Tail & Intelligence in Communities

Much of the promise of Health 2.0 is in
for and finding exact personalized health information content,
especially for rare or hard to categorize conditions. Much of that
information is in social networks. Matthew Holt and Indu Subaiya will
introduce a new
framework looking at the evolution of search into the long tail.
There’ll be demonstrations of search and social networks, and reaction.

Health 2.0 Across America

David Kibbe (with a cast of thousands)
reflects on
his Great American Health 2.0 Motorcycle Tour where he found new
developments in Health 2.0 across the country.

Getting Past the Privacy Conundrum

The Markle Foundation’s
Josh Lemieux leads a discussion about how the issues of privacy,
confidential and security will impact consumer confidence in Health
2.0. But more importantly, we’ll be demonstrating several solutions
designed to get us past the privacy conundrum.

Breakout Demos

There’s so much happening in Health 2.0 that
taking a deeper look at specific technology and business segments in a
series of demo-based break-out panels.

  • Patient Social Networks
  • Online Identity and Privacy
  • Content, Navigation & Advocacy
  • Provider Directories, Search &
  • Vertical Search
  • Clinician Social Networks
  • Wellness 2.0
  • Genomics Online
  • Identity, Security &
    Confidentiality for
    Health Online
  • Pharmacy & Pharma
  • Managing Money in Health 2.0
  • Health 2.0 for ElderCare
  • Gaming in Health care
  • Disease Management 2.0
  • Telepresence, Virtual Visits and

Health 2.0 Unconference

An unconference
is a
meeting where the participants drive the activity. There’s no set
agenda, no set presentations, but rather a series of discussions that
people leave and join as they see fit. Topics at last year’s conference
included Social Media and the pharmaceutical Industry, Legal Issues
Facing Health 2.0 and more.

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To register for a pass and to
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For details on exhibiting and
opportunities for sponsors, please contact John Pluenneke of the
Health 2.0 business development team. He can be reached at
415.315.9568 or by email at [email protected].

Staying at the Marriott

We’ve worked out a special deal
the Marriott to make rooms available at the special low rate of $239.
To reserve your room, visit or call 1-888-575-8934. Be sure to
mention the reservation code HEA or the Health 2.0 conference when you

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