A.D.A.M intros Medzio Mobile Health Partners

For you iPhone-ers (and there are lots and of you-30 million plus was the last number I heard) there’s some exciting news (that actually concerns Health 2.0 and THCB too). A.D.A.M has launched a new platform on the iPhone. It’s called the Medzio Mobile Health Network and (of course as it’s promo Health 2.0 Meets Ix week on THCB) it will be launching officially in Boston on Thursday. (FD A.D.A.M is a Health 2.0 Conference Sponsor, and Health 2.0 & THCB will be providing content to the network).

I got in a little (friendly) trouble with the folks at A.D.A.M last year for mentioning that they’d been around a while in the eHealth space, but they are not resting on their laurels. They’ve seized on the iPhone as a platform and now are adding information from a host of partners—not to mention taking their own content and converting it for the iPhone and adding more new features for searching health services to it. And then they’re creating a platform that others can join onto.

This is a really interesting way for health information, and increasingly services, to be delivered where people are. And it gives a strong hint about how people will be accessing health care in the future.  All a click away on iTunes. We’ll be bullying one of the Health 2.0 iPhone contingent to write a review shortly….

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