Health 2.0 Online Care Symposium - Opening Remarks and Keynote: The Road Ahead for Telehealth

The concept of telehealth has been around for decades. Traditionally, this model has employed technology to bring providers together across geographic divides, improving collaboration on patient care. Now, with Online Care, the promise of “telehealth for the masses” has arrived. The difference: patients can now access providers directly and immediately, from wherever they are, and receive affordable, quality care. In this keynote, Dr. Sanders traced the origins and evolution of telehealth and telemedicine up to the emergence of Online Care. He then looked closely at Online Care’s role in the health landscape today and in the months and years ahead – as well as the lessons that can be applied from his prior experiences.

Opening Remarks: David C. Kibbe, MD, MBA, Senior Advisor, AAFP

Keynote Presenter: Jay H. Sanders, MD, FACP, FACAAI, CEO, The Global Telemedicine Group

Jay Sanders, MD - Where We Are and Where We Need to Be [Presentation in pdf format]

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