Call for Submissions:

2.0 is working on a new documentary focusing on the experience and
outcomes of patients using Health 2.0 tools and technologies to manage
their health. We are currently looking for both enthusiastic users of
online services and innovative Health 2.0 companies to participate in
this exciting project.

For patients, we are seeking individuals who are managing a health condition or who have health goals in the areas of general wellness, chronic disease management, interacting with the healthcare system or medical financial management. Participants either:

  • Currently use online or mobile healthcare services or tools to manage their health and want to track and share their experiences with us.
  • -or-
  • Don’t currently use a web-based tool, but would like to trial a new tool or set of tools to help manage their health or achieve specific health goals.

For Health 2.0 companies, we are looking for products and services that can demonstrate benefits and improved outcomes for compliant users over a period of 3 months.

Selected participants
will need to commit to a 3 month project, with recorded
check-ins/interviews to be scheduled once a month, beginning in July
and ending in September.

Patients interested in participation can submit their profile here.
Health 2.0 companies interested in participation can submit here.

The film project will
debut at Health 2.0, October 6-7, 2009 in San Francisco, CA, and the
audience will vote on the company and user that reported the best

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