Health 2.0 Challenge: 4 more big challenges announced!

The Health 2.0 Developer Challenges welcomes its four newest challenges. Yesterday, West Wireless Health Institute, Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF), the California Healthcare Foundation, the Markle Foundation and the University of Wisconsin released new challenges with prize money of over 15K.

  • West Wireless Health Institute is offering a $10,000 prize for wireless sensor integration with social networking applications through their Accelerating Wireless Health Adoption through a Standardized Social Network Platform.
  • RWFJ/Markle/CMS/VA have issued the Blue Button Challenge which has opened up sample data sets to see what types of value added services developers can layer on. The winner gets $2,500 and coffee with Clay Shirky!
  • Project Health Design‘s 9 prototypes and their vision videos are up so developers can build apps that integrate these visions with secure PHRs of their choice.
  • And RWFJ’s County Health Rankings are now open, available and ready to be mashed up to create apps that help consumers make informed decisions about their communities health The Health Factor – Using the County Health Rankings to Make Smart Decisions.

To learn more and sign up, check out

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