Don Casey, CEO, West Wireless Health Institute on the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

We spoke with Don Casey, CEO, West Wireless Health Institute about the institute’s commitment to cost effective solutions in health using wireless technology. But it’s about more than just new sensors and devices. Don discusses the importance of mechanisms that will connect data from devices to social networking platforms so that the wireless revolution can be truly accelerated and applications built on top of social networking platforms can offer richer experiences. Listen as he describes their rationale for the Accelerating Wireless Health Adoption through a Standardized Social Network Platform and what’s in it for the winner.

Interview with Don Casey, West Wireless Health Institute

Short answer, it’s the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge‘s biggest prize to date, 10K! And a chance to showcase the solution at the Health 2.0 Conference this Fall.

3 Responses to Don Casey, CEO, West Wireless Health Institute on the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge

  1. This is an exciting contest! We are really excited to see social networking platforms connect data from device. Anything to advance a more seamless and natural experience for the user is something that will be sure to catch on like wildfire. Can't wait to see the outcome of this. -RememberItNow! http://www.rememberitnow
    ps We would love to meet Don Casey at Health 2.0!
    Alex Bettencourt
    [email protected]

  2. The WWHI would do well to check out Cory Menscher who set up KickBee back in 2008.
    This project involved the creation of a wearable device (named the KickBee) which was constructed from elastic and featured piezo sensors that detected movement and transmitted notice of this (via bluetooth and a java application on his mobile phone) to notify twitter whenever his unborn baby kicked inside the womb.
    Full details links can be found here:

  3. Good and very impressive program.
    thanks for letting us know.

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