Live Health 2.0 Code-a-Thon at Google, Oct 2

Health 2.0 is thrilled to announce the kick-off to Health Innovation Week: BannerWLogoour first official code-a-thon where developers of all skill sets will get together, learn more about the vast amounts of health data that are available, build innovative health applications, and win prizes. The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge Code-a-thon will build on the existing online challenges, follow on from the Hacking4Health event on September 11, and introduce new datasets with some live on-site challenges.

Where & when?:

Saturday, October 2, 2022 — 9am - 8pm
Google Campus, Olympus Mons Room,
Building 1400 Crittendon,
Mountain View, CA

Confirmed speakers include:

  • Roni Zeiger, Chief Health Strategist, Google
  • Samantha Chui, Solutions Engineer and Mike Mee, API and PAT Product Manager, Keas
  • Sean Duffy and Zhen Zeng, IDEO
  • Walter Luh, CTO and interim CEO, Ansca Mobile….and more to come

But this not about sitting back and listening-it’s about getting your hands dirty in the code and the data AND in a ground-breaking first for the Developer Challenge, we are pleased to announce that First DataBank will provide its drug databases free-of-charge to anyone developing applications – for any of the Challenges – that require content to support medication-related decisions and help improve patient safety and healthcare outcomes. You will want to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity! More details on accessing this data will be announced soon.

This event is free to all-bring your laptop and ideas and we’ll supply the pizza and jolt cola (or maybe something healthier). Come to the LIVE CODE page on to sign up.

And by the way, at the Hacking4Health code-a-thon a couple of weeks back we ended up with some 15 teams who build code in a day using a variety of data sets to get at some thorny health problems. Some of those teams are going to be continuing on, but also some of the teams working on the online challenges will be there, and of course new teams will form and get to work building innovation.

What does it all look like? Here’s a couple of examples of coders hard at work at Hacking4Health. You can find out more about what happened over on their website (other than knowing that Health 2.0 bought and gave away the iPads to the winners, despite Matthew’s anti-fanboi stance!), And here’s a blog from one of the winners, Frog Design writing about their Healthy Commute app

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