Health 2.0 Reveals the Winners of the 2010 Developer Challenge

The time has finally come when we can announce the six winners of the 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge. They will be showcased at the Health 2.0 Developer Challenge session at the Health 2.0 San Francisco Conference, October 7-8, 2010.

Drum Roll Please!

  • Accelerating Wireless Health Adoption through a Standardized Social Network Platform, sponsored by West Wireless Health Institute, chose team Videntity. The challenge asked developers to save health care cost through creation of an application that will integrate sensor-derived data with social networks to construct a personalized wireless health ecosystem.
  • Project HealthDesign Developer Challenge, sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Pioneer Portfolio and California HealthCare Foundation, chose team Pain Care @Ringful Health. The challenge asked developers to build apps for the web, smartphones or tablets that are built to run on a commercially available PHR service that can securely store the data.
  • The Health Factor – Using the County Health Rankings to Make Smart Decisions, sponsored by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and University of Wisconsin Population Health Institute, chose team Acsys Healthcare. The challenge was an invitation for teams to create tools to integrate the Rankings data into smart phones, tablets or Web platforms that people already use to inform their decisions. The Ranking data provides people with a snapshot of a community’s health.
  • Real-Time Patient-Driven Data Challenge, sponsored by Practice Fusion, chose team Critsys from Critical Systems. The challenge asked teams to be a visionary in the frontier of patient-driven health data, by giving medical providers the tools they need to track their patients’ health when they’re not in the exam room.
  • Move Your App! Developer Challenge, sponsored by Catch and HopeLabs, chose team Happy Feet from Stanford University. This challlenge asked developers to build an app to encourage people to get in motion. How can movement be just as easy and fun as checking-in or updating a status?

The Blue Button Challenge, sponsored by Markle Foundation and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, will announce their winner at the Health 2.0 Conference on October 7-8, 2010. This challenge asked to develop a web-based tool that uses sample data from CMS or VA to help patients stay healthy and manage their care.

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