San Francisco 2010: Patients 2.0 Closing Remarks

For the first time we held a meeting for patients by patients, called Patients 2.0. In this session the audience took over and had a facilated discussion. At the end a group of patients and advocates took the take aways from that discuission and created an action plan for empowering more networked patients. The next day, October 7, 2010, at the Health 2.0 Conference,they delivered their manifesto to the crowd. The patients included; Regina Holliday from Medical Mural Advocacy Project, Amy Tenderich from DiabetesMine (not on stage), Nicole Boice from The Children’s Rare Disease Network, Ian Eslick from MIT Media Lab, Gary Wolf from Quantified Self, Gilles Frydman from ACOR, ePatient Dave de Bronkart (author of Laugh, Sing and Eat Like a Pig), Alan Greene from and James O’Leary from Genetic Alliance.

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  1. Tadalis says:

    the remarks are quite remarkable..i saw it in twitter…thanks for sharing…

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