San Francisco 2010: Demonstration

At the Health 2.0 Fall Conference, October 7-8, 2010, in San Francisco, Ca, during the much talked about Behavior Change, Health 2.0 & The Unmentionables session, Ramin Bastani, Founder of spoke about one of the most difficult, but important, conversations you should have with your partner. Ramin drew from his past experiences while introducing a service which he called “a mordern, flirtatious, I’ll show you mine, if you show me yours.” Take a look at this demonstration and discover a new and easy way to mention one of the biggest unmentionables of them all.

2 Responses to San Francisco 2010: Demonstration

  1. Tadalis says:

    thnks for the info..i have send a request in facebook as well

  2. Qpidme says:

    Thank you amazing team @ Health 2.0!!
    Here is another version of the video that we like -

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