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- On January 1st, Cost of Care is launching a blog series featuring select pieces from their essay contest illustrating the importance of cost-awareness in health care. Stories center around hardworking, responsible Americans falling through the cracks, including those who received a $11,000 bill for indigestion, a $10,000 bill for pre-approved surgery, and a $1000 bill for birth control. Contest judges included Gov. Michael Leavitt, former U.S. Secretary of Health and Human Services, Atul Gawande, surgeon and New Yorker staff writer, Jeffrey Flier, Dean of Harvard Medical School and Gov. Michael Dukakis, former Democratic nominee for President of the United States. The Cost of Care has also been featured on Health 2.0′s sister site, The Health Care Blog

- First Life Research, Ltd and Healthline Networks, Inc. won a $1 million grant from the Israel-U.S. Binational Industrial Research and Development Foundation to develop a web environment to analyze and present patient drug usage. This new application aims to empower patients and provide an additional research tool to health professionals. Check out the video of First Life Research’s debut at our Fall Health 2.0 Conference.

- On January 11th, Susannah Fox will present to the Federal HIV/AIDS Web Council an overview of Pew Internet’s latest findings about technology adoption, with an emphasis on mobile use, social networks, and gaming. According to a recent Pew post, the presentation will also include a preview of upcoming reports related to how Americans gather and share health information.

- The Kaiser Family Foundation put together a helpful site for visualizing the Health Care Reform timeline that takes effect as we start the new year. The Obama Administration’s own Health Care Reform timeline can be found at Healthcare.gov

- Already have a New Year’s resolution in mind? MeYou Health’s My Resolution 2011 allows you to enlist the support of Facebook friends in keeping those New Year commitments. Check back with Health 2.0 News next week for more information.

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