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MeYou Health Launches My Resolution 2011

Last week, MeYou Health released My Resolution 2011, a Facebook app that helps users stay committed to their healthy New Year’s resolutions. This is good news for those of us who struggle to stay on track or have a hard time even remembering what we promised ourselves last year.

You would think a tradition in which millions of people develop tailored strategies for positive change would be enough to provoke a lasting shift in our individual behaviors. However, behavior change is complicated and few New Years resolutions make it past the first 4 months. Maintaining a contract with ones self often falls short because we don’t have anyone holding us accountable to our commitment. We easily forgive ourselves for exceptions or forget our promises entirely. But there does exist a force that never forgives or forgets: Facebook.

MeYou Health has channeled the inescapable memory of Facebook to keep us honest about our goals for the New Year. Trapper Markelz, Head of Product for MeYou Health, explains that, “deciding to do something, proclaiming you are going to do it, and asking for support to help carry it out ensures that you move beyond just thinking about it.” The My Resolution 2011 app does this by allowing you to announce your New Years resolution on your Facebook Wall and provides the option of informing friends and requesting their support. As with everything on Facebook, you can also encourage friends to reciprocate by making their own resolutions and offer your support in return.

My Resolution 2011 is the latest in a series of MeYou Health products that promote personal growth and healthy, lasting change. The company’s main product, Daily Challenge, promotes well-being by emailing a small daily action that encourages self analysis and social support. The company aims to develop web and mobile products that encourage people to become mindful of small actions they can take every day to maintain their health. In providing these manageable tasks, the service has garnered over 15,000 users in just three months of operation and shows promising ideas for the future.

New Years is a popular time to take steps towards positive change and make resolutions that can greatly improve the quality of our health. Trapper points out that, “(p)eople are already thinking about their personal health and wellness, being mindful of what they want to change, and discussing their resolutions with friends.” MeYou Health hopes to facilitate that conversation by integrating with the social systems we already use to keep us on track.

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