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Physical Prototyping at the Boston Code-a-thon

Hey Boston! It’s warm out today but don’t be fooled!

Tomorrow, we’ll be back to our natural habitat of near freezing temperatures and cloudy skies. So, before you MAKE weekend plans to build that outdoor treehouse-computer-desk you’ve been dreaming about all winter, please consider stopping by our free Boston code-a-thon.

We’ll be taking over a whole floor of the Microsoft NERD Center, serving up free food, featuring great speakers and giving you the opportunity to take on some of healthcare’s most pressing issues. We’ve also partnered with (the) MAKE Magazine who will be bringing free Arduino kits, BUGBundles and XBOX Kinects for teams participating in the Veterans Health Wireless Innovation Challenge.

Greg Borenstein from NYU’s ITP School will be giving a tutorial on ways to program the Kinect using Processing and Open Frameworks. He’ll also be providing sample code for all devices and explaining how they can be applied to health.

Come play with some of the best motion platforms on the market and don’t miss this chance to upgrade your physical prototyping skills! For more information, register or check out our multiple features in MAKE or our spot in O’Reilly.

There’s still time to REGISTER!

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