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Human Health Project just launched a free networking platform exclusively for medical professionals focusing on rare and unusual health problems. You can read the full press release on Marketwire.

Know a creative college student? Check out our newly launched “Go Viral to Improve Health: Collegiate Challenge.” The prizes are big and we are now accepting teams.

This week, NPR’s Talk of the Nation aired Patients Seek Moral And Medical Advice and Support Online which featured Pat Furlong, founder of Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy, and Susannah Fox, associate director of digital strategy for the Pew Internet and American Life Project.

MEDecision appointed Deborah Gage their new CEO. She previously served as president and CEO of GTESS, RosettaMed and SolutionPoint.

Axial Exchange, a provider of clinical data sharing tools, raised $1.15 million from a $1.5 million share offering. Axial CEO Joanne Rhode, is the former CEO and director of HIT strategy at Red Hat.

Last month, the Institute for the Future released their report on Breakthroughs to Cures. The report outlined the results of a participatory forecasting game designed to help medical professionals, policy-makers and patients develop new approaches to medical research. The game crowd sourced solutions for research models that would increase the speed of innovation around a fictitious outbreak of a neurodegenerative disease. Check out Fast Company‘s review for more details.

GravityEight Inc., a San Francisco start-up launched a centralized web-based dashboard that tracks users’ wellness along 8 different axes. The platform offers educational resources and is interoperable with mainstream personal fitness devices such as the Nike+ run tracker, the Withings scale and the Zero sleep monitor. Check out Xconomy for more details.

ADP, provider of human resource, payroll and benefits administration services,  announced its acquisition of AdvancedMD, a privately-held, provider of cloud-based practice management and EMR technologies. See the full press release here.

Intuit Health released a survey documenting patient anxiety around cost and a desire for increased connectivity with their clinicians. The second annual Health Care Check-Up Survey showed that most expect that same level of connectivity and convenience from their doctor’s office as they would an online banking or social networking platform.

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