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Newest Spring Fling Updates

San Diego, Here We Come!

Health 2.0′s Spring Fling is just 2 weeks away. Don’t miss your chance to be there - Register Today!

We’ll be tackling some of the biggest issues in health care from food techpolicy and prevention, to new analytics for mining patient data to exploring innovative models to lower the cost of care. We’ll be joined by visionary leaders from Mayo ClinicHHSONCKaiser PermanenteO’Reilly MediaWest Wireless Health InstituteRobert Wood Johnson FoundationCalifornia Healthcare Foundation and the CEOs of the most cutting edge Health 2.0 companies emerging today. Of course, all presented in our ever-evolving, ever engaging format of live demonstration and expert curation!


Opening Night Fireside Chats

6 interviewers, 6 interviewees, in conversation on our comfy couches. Each takes a turn asking the questions and then being in the hot seat. You’ll get 10 minute bursts of thought provoking, and possibly controversial conversations!


  • Matthew Holt, Health 2.0 talks to Alan GreeneDrGreene.com about Whiteout, his new campaign to remove white rice cereal from infant diets.
  • Then Alan Greene and Abbe DonIDEO discuss Abbe’s personal journey to have a healthy lifestyle through an immersion program at the Pritkin institute.

New Data Models

  • Abbe then interviews Steve DownsRobert Wood Johnson Foundation on the importance of design in healthcare and the recording of “activities of daily living”.
  • Steve then talks to Nikolai KirienkoCrohnology.MD one of Project HealthDesign’s grantees on a mind-blowing personal story of how capturing data via patient narrative saved his life.

Lowering the Cost of Care

  • J.D. Kleinke and Amy RomanoChildbirth Connection talk about J.D.’s new book Catching Babies, where the field of OB/GYN serves as a microcosm for debates in the wider healthcare system; followed by Indu Subaiya and Amy in conversation about birth choices.

Spotlight on Food, Prevention and Wellness

We’re kicking off the second day of the conference with our session on Wellness, Food & Exercise. You’ll first hear a keynote by Dean Ornish, founder of the Preventative Medicine Research Institute, addressing how Health 2.0 can impact prevention in the health & wellness sphere.

Dean will be followed by our panel focusing on how Health 2.0 tools can get people engaged with their health, and the important role of policy in improving our health and wellness environments. This panel, moderated by Dr. Alan Greene of DrGreene.com, is full of great speakers and demos.

Panel speakers:

  • Preston Maring, Founder of the Kaiser Permanente Farmers Market (don’t miss the special challenge he will be issuing to the crowd!).
  • Carol Diamond, Managing Director at Markle.
  • Carter Headrick, Director of State and Local Obesity Policy Initiatives for the AHA.

Demos by:

  • Fooducate - Hemi Weingarten will demo the Fooducate mobile shopping app that provides food scores and highlights both good & bad information with a quick barcode scan.
  • ShopWell - Brian Witlin will show his mobile and web based application, ShopWell which allows users to quickly scan or search products while shopping and asses the food’s dietary impact and see potential alternatives.
  • Keas - Lindsey Volckmann will demo the new employer sponsored Health and Wellness Challenge by Keas. The challenge uses the knowledge that rewards and social support will elicit competition and ultimately impressive results toward improved health behaviors.
  • RedBrick Health - Eric Zimmerman will give us a peek into the new social engagement platform that RedBrick Health has developed for the Alliance for a Healthier Minnesota. See how they’re using social motivation to encourage better health and wellness choices.


The Health 2.0 Developer Challenge just wrapped up a whirlwind tour of the east coast to finish our first batch of 2011 live code-a-thons. In one short month we’ve taken our 8 hour coding sessions to Washington, D.C., Boston and San Francisco, and we couldn’t be happier with the amazing things we’ve seen blossom from these events!

Winners will also be announced for our ONLINE challenges by Howard Koh, Assistant Secretary for Health and Todd Park, Chief Technology Officer, HHS. Over 35 teams have signed up to compete in these challenges including Microsoft and Practice Fusion’s Analyze This, which asks teams to build tools using a deidentified EMR dataset; the American Heart Association’s Food Find challenge to pinpoint food deserts and drive better food decisions and Health and Human Services’s myHealthPeople Challenge asking for creative mash-ups, data visualizations and analytics of data at the state and community level.

New Demos

Health 2.0 is known for bringing the best and newest technologies on stage for live demos, and this year will not disappoint! Check out some of the great products we have lined up:

23andme - Marisa Nelson will show us how 23andme is tapping into patient advocacy groups and the ever-growing world of online communities to expand the research pool for rare diseases. They are seeing rapid hypothesis generation and testing and getting some amazing results.

Genomera - Greg Biggers, CEO of Genomera will demo this online platform for open crowd-source health studies. Providing a space for individuals to create, conduct and participate in studies, Genomera is sparking social engagement in this field and changing how we conduct and analyze research.


Want to get a sneak preview on what our innovative presenters will be talking about? Then check out our series of audio interviews with many of our Spring Fling speakers on our blog, Health 2.0 News. Here are the two newest interviews posted:

  • Paul Wallace of Kaiser Permanente talked about the evolution of research and how where researchers were once playing the hunter/gatherer role, they have now become farmers of data. Listen here.
  • Arnie Milstein, Director of the Clinical Excellence Research Center at Stanford, talked to Matthew Holt about new models for delivery that maintain high quality care while keeping costs low. Or as Arnie puts it, getting “more miles per gallon of health insurance fuel.” Listen here.

Pre-conference Sessions

Get warmed up for the conference with some of our great pre-conference activities lined up for the morning of the 21st:

  • Take a field trip!

    Tour the facilities at West Wireless Health Institute and take a look of some of the cutting-edge wireless health technologies that are being created. Spaces are limited - Sign Up Here!

    Join the tour group to the Kaiser Permanente Garfield Specialty Center to learn more about the innovative new facility and watch demos of MyHealthManager, KP HealthConnect and the VA Health Information Exchange. Spaces are limited - Sign Up Here!

  • Patients 2.0

    Come meet with other empowered, engaged patients to co-create a vision and next steps for moving forward with patient-led initiatives co-located with upcoming Health 2.0 Conferences.

    Jane Sarasohn-Kahn will facilitate a meeting that continues the dialogue started at the Health 2.0 meeting in San Francisco in October 2010 which brought together over one hundred patients and advocates who shared stories about being patients, and using, sharing and co-creating health data. That meeting resulted in a Patients 2.0 manifesto for disruptive innovation of the health system the bottom-line of which was to Recognize Our Impact (ROI) — as patients who have a stake in their own as well as fellow patients’ health and health care.

    At this 2-hour meeting, we’ll review those Patient 2.0 tenets, brainstorm themes and ideas for moving forward, and drive toward some next steps for convening a Patients 2.0 session just prior to the Health 2.0 Conference scheduled for September 26-27, 2001, in San Francisco. Register here.

  • Interested in connecting with other companies to build business and technology collaborations? Then the Health 2.0 Accelerator meeting is the place to be!
  • Witness the live competition and judging of the top teams from Health 2.0′s code-a-thons that have occurred around the country.

Other warm-up activities in San Diego

HealthCamp San Diego is a grassroots, user-organized, collaborative experience that focuses on interactive digital media, open source and the best of the Internet, mobile (mHealth) web and process innovation to work for better health care and health technology. As an “un-conference” HealthCamp brings together consumers, health providers, payors, health industry experts and technology professionals for a one day session to exchange ideas informally, locally, openly. HealthCamp San Diego meets on March 20, 2023 from 9:00 to 4:30PM at the Rady School of Management at UC San Diego.

Sponsorship Opportunities

Want to market your service or product at Health 2.0? Maximize your marketing reach & make a big splash in front of our prestigious audience! Only a few Sponsorship spots are still available and going fast! Click here for information about the various ways to get involved… Don’t wait till it’s too late!

Register Today!

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