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How an iPad can give a voice to special needs children

Jo Ashline is a columnist for the Orange County Register who regularly writes about parenting special needs children. We were particularly interested in her recent piece discussing the therapeutic use of iPads with non-verbal children and wanted to share it … Continue reading

How many Health 2.0 consumers? Manhattan Research says 99 million

Our friends at Manhattan Research have been tracking the online activities of Americans for a long time and earlier last month they released the latest version of Cybercitizen Health; they’re up to v10.0 if you’re counting. And the results are … Continue reading

Some News Bites

While we’ve been prepping for the new Health 2.0 News site/blog, a few items crossed our transom: Phreesia, they of the orange check-in pads for doctors’ offices, have added a module for diabetes that helps physicians better understand what their … Continue reading

Healthrageous Launches New h!GO App

Early this month Healthrageous, a personalized health technology company, announced the launch of its new mobile app, h!GO. The iPhone, Droid and Blackberry compatible app extends Healthrageous’ online support to help individuals target unhealthy habits and develop more accountable lifestyles. … Continue reading

Navigating Cancer: Interview with Gena Cook

Navigating Cancer is  a new start-up that’s aiming to connect patients and cancer clinics. Navigating Cancer is starting out by offering a standalone patient portal for cancer clinics to offer their patients. Now right now many (or most) clinics and … Continue reading

Todd Park Congratulates the Winners of the NCI Challenge

I want to be among the first to congratulate the new winners for the National Cancer Institute-sponsored Health 2.0 Developer Challenge for Enabling Community Use of Data for Cancer Prevention and Control.  On behalf of the Department of Health and … Continue reading

Winners of the NCI Health 2.0 Developer Challenge!

Health 2.0 is excited to announce the two winners of the Enabling Community Use of Data for Cancer Prevention and Control challenge, sponsored by the National Cancer Institute (NCI). Ozioma - uses local health data sets to inform media sources, enhancing … Continue reading

Patient Communities

This session, moderated by Dr. Alan Greene, CEO and Co-Founder of DrGreene .com, consists of six demonstrations of communities tools that focus on the changing health when people connect with each other. Also seeing the power that people connecting with … Continue reading

Ron Gutman’s Model for Behavior Change

All of us know what we need to do to lead healthy lives; eat right, exercise, get enough sleep, etc… but we are not doing it. Instead of cooking a meal at home, we pick up fast food, instead of … Continue reading

Catching Up with Fall 2010 Online Developer Challenge Winners

It’s been an exciting week at Health 2.0! On December 15th, we announced three live code-a-thons and five new online Developer Challenges! We thought this would be a great time to catch up with the winners of past online challenges … Continue reading

Health 2.0 Announces its Starting Five for the 2011 Developer Challenge

Following the success of the 2010 Health 2.0 Developer Challenge, we are excited to get the ball rolling again for 2011. Within the short time the Developer Challenge has been live, we have had six winners, who were able to … Continue reading

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